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the benefits of holistic massage

Receiving regular massage executed with skill and compassion treats more than the aches and pains in your muscles, it also a remedy for stress. Modern life is increasingly fast paced and stressful events are a part of life, but constant stress is harmful, compromising the immune, digestive and reproductive systems. The importance of relaxation cannot be overstated when it comes to health and well-being. The deep relaxation experienced during massage allows the nervous system to calm down, the body to heal itself and the mind to be at peace. In essence harmony is restored.

As a holistic practitioner, I use a wide range of massage techniques. These include Thai and Swedish oil massage, stretches, relaxation work and very deep tissue techniques such as trigger point therapy and myofascial release.


Be good to yourself, your whole self. Body, mind and spirit. Experience massage as a healing art practiced with care and attention to your specific needs. This will not only ease muscle tension, improve circulation but also calm the nerves, still the mind, restore balance and help you sleep better.

I like to be careful about the skincare so, I use organic oils because what you put on your skin ends up in your body. We are absorbing new synthetic chemicals via food, toiletries and the environment.

A selection of my favourite massage oils

Organic Sweet Almond Oil. A light, cold-pressed, skin conditioning oil for all skin types, which helps prevent moisture loss from the skin. Its gentleness makes it a particularly useful oil to use on sensitive or irritated skin. It has a delicate sweet smell obtained from the ripe seeds of the small sweet almond tree.

Organic Soothing Massage Oil. A nourishing and softening blend of oils of almond, avocado and coconut combined with pure essential oils of geranium, bergamot, palmarosa, lavender and cypress to create a soothing, healing and relaxing massage oil.

Organic Geranium and Orange. A soothing and uplifting blend of geranium and sweet orange essential oils, combined with almond, wheatgerm and olive and sunflower oils to moisturise, nourish and soften the skin.

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